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Karnail Singh 150x150 - Singhal Decor
Karnail Singh Padhiana

Singhal Decor ne mere kamre vich khrab diwaran nu ik designer look de diti. Bahut cut Kharche te mera bedroom te drawing room renovate ho gya.

Karnail Sing Collage 300x225 - Singhal Decor
Karnail Sing Collage Working 300x225 - Singhal Decor
Kamaljeet Singh Adampur 150x150 - Singhal Decor
Kamaljeet Singh Gandhi Nagar, Adampur

Singhal Decor are good interior decorators in Adampur. Thanks jitesh, apne mera room ka poora naksha badal dala. Ab vahan ki diwaren aur bhi achi lagti hai.

Kamaljeet Singh Adampur Work 2 293x300 - Singhal Decor
Kamaljeet Singh Adampur Work Collage 300x225 - Singhal Decor
Sunil Kumar 150x150 - Singhal Decor
Sunil Kumar Burger Nation, Adampur

Thanks a lot to Singhal Decor. Apne mere restaurant ki bahut achi look bana di. Got Value for money.

Burger Nation 300x225 - Singhal Decor
Burger Nation Adampur 300x198 - Singhal Decor
Priya Computers 150x150 - Singhal Decor
Ravinder Singh Priya Computers, Chomon

Great work by Singhal Decor. Thanks for doing renovation work in budget of my shop. Now ceiling looks great.

Priya Computers Work 2 300x225 - Singhal Decor
Priya Computers Work 225x300 - Singhal Decor


PVC is 100% recyclable. Our PVC ceiling panels can be taken to any plastic recycling center. NO further finishing or care required after installation - no paint , no lack, no varnish. Get your PVC Ceiling In India by us.
PVC panels require only a low maintenance , and when you want to clean them , it does not take you long. Due to the smooth surface of the panels, dirt does not gather in pores or cracks.
PVC panels provide a very clean and hygienic for wall and ceiling decoration. Once installed, there is no grout to go dirty. PVC is mould-repellent and not a suitable material for bacterial growth. So, stay healthy.
PVC panels are the ideal covering for wall and ceilings of private houses, offices hotels laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants, etc. The possibilities are endless from the use as a decorative wall panel to shower wall panel.
Yes! it will surely suit your pockets. It comes in a very large range of sheets as according to your budget. It is far more economical as compared to wood, paint, tiles and wall papers. So there is one less thing to worry.
PVC panels are very popular in the bathroom and kitchen areas as they are water-repellent and mould resistant. It can also be used all over the house ( Bed and living rooms, basement, attics, garages etc.).

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